Mechanical Differences Edit

Both models (1302 and 1303) use the MacPherson struts for suspension. This is the main element making it different from the Standard Beetle. This leads to a major difference in the look and handling of the car. Also the space available in the trunk is way larger then in the Standard with an increase of 86%. This was made possible by having the spare wheel is flat in the bottom and the gas tank is set differently (with a different shape) thanks to the MacPherson stuts. The Super Beetle is the same as the Standard from the front pillard to the back of the car. The different front end improves the handling of the car but also adds between 155 and 160 pounds to the car.

Sales of the Super Beetle Edit

This model was sold by Volkswagen as the top of the line in the Type I family, the Standard being the lower of the two.

The Super Beetle was sold in the United States until 1975 for the Sedan only.

See 1302 and 1303 for more information on each model.

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