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This technical wiki is aimed at classic Volkswagen enthusiasts. The objectives are to create an ever growing technical knowledge base, free for all to use, which will evolve as contributors join and add to the existing articles. The wiki is in its very early days but hopefully will eventually become an online place where people can find and share their knowledge of classic Volkswagen technical information.

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Technical Data


A bit of History

General History

The History of the The Beetle and other air-cooled cars produced by Volkswagen.

The Cars

Volkswagen produced many air-cooled vehicles throughout its history before finally switching to water-cooled cars as many other car manufacturers around the world. Here is a list of those air-cooled beauties:

The Looks

The different vehicles were very popular and loved by the general public. But some people went all the way and the Beetle and the other vehicles were customized. Several styles came to be known:

The Names

The Beetle was popular around the world. It had a different name in each language. Here is a list of those names.

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